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 Angel&Btvs / Angel:  Angel&Btvs / Spike:  Bates Motel / Dylan:  Bates Motel / Norma:  Bates Motel / Romero:  Beverly Hills / Brenda:  Btvs / Faith:  Btvs / Willow:  Charmed / Piper:  Charmed / Prue:  Dawson's Creek / Andie:  Dawson's Creek / Jen:  Dawson's Creek / Joey:  Dawson's Creek / Pacey:  Gilmore Girls / Rory:  Glee / Beiste:  Glee / Kitty:  Glee / Puck:  Glee / Rachel:  Glee / Sue:  Gossip Girl / Dan:  Gossip Girl / Jenny:  Gossip Girl / Nate:  Gossip Girl / Serena:  Once / All Characters:  Once / Belle:  Once / Prince Charming:  Once / Regina:  Once / Robin Hood:  OTH / Lucas:  OTH / Nathan:  Power Rangers / Cassie:  Power Rangers / Kimberly:  Power Rangers / Tommy:  Pretty Little Liars / Hanna:  Pretty Little Liars / Spencer:  Ringer / Bridget:  Riverdale / Betty:  Riverdale / Cheryl:  Riverdale / Jughead:  Riverdale / Veronica:  Roswell / Max:  SaTC / Carrie:  Shadowhunters / Alec:  Shadowhunters / Clary:  Shadowhunters / Isabelle:  Shadowhunters / Jace:  Smallville / Chloe Sullivan:  Smallville / Lois:  Supernatural / Castiel:  Supernatural / Dean:  Teen Wolf / Lydia:  Teen Wolf / Stiles:  The Originals / Elijah:  The Originals / Klaus:  TVD / Alaric:  TVD / Bonnie:  TVD / Caroline Forbes:  TVD / Damon:  TVD / Elena:  TVD / Matt:  TWD / Daryl:  TWD / Glenn:  TWD / Michonne:  TWD / Rick:  Veronica Mars / Logan:

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