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 13 Going on 30:  21 Jump Street:  30 seconds to mars:  30 Seconds to Mars / The Kill:  4 Minute:  50 Shades of Grey / Christian:  90210:  A walk to remember:  Aaron Taylor-Johnson:  Adam Lambert:  Alex Pettyfer:  Allison Janney:  Amanda Seyfried:  Amy Adams:  Amy Jo Johnson:  Amy Poehler:  Angel:  Angel&Btvs / Angel:  Angel&Btvs / Spike:  Anna Chlumsky:  Anna Kendrick:  Anne Hathaway:  Ansel Elgort:  Avengers: Age of Ultron:  Bates Motel / Dylan:  Bates Motel / Norma:  Bates Motel / Romero:  Beauty and the Beast:  Beetlejuice:  Beverly Hills / Brenda:  Beyonce:  Bill Kaulitz:  Blake Lively:  Britney Spears:  Brokeback Mountain:  Btvs / Buffy & Angel:  Btvs / Buffy & Giles:  Btvs / Buffy & Spike:  Btvs / Faith:  Btvs / Willow:  Btvs / Willow & Tara:  Call Me By Your Name:  Captain America: Civil War:  Charmed / Piper:  Charmed / Prue:  Chloe Moretz:  Chris Hemsworth:  Christian Bale:  Christina Aguilera:  Christina Ricci:  Clueless:  Colin O'Donoghue:  Cruel Intentions:  Dakota Johnson:  Daniel Radcliffe:  David Boreanaz:  Dawson's Creek / Andie:  Dawson's Creek / Jen:  Dawson's Creek / Joey:  Dawson's Creek / Pacey:  Dawson's Creek / Pacey Witter and Joey Potter:  Deadpool:  Death Note:  Demi Lovato:  Demi Lovato:  Dirty Dancing:  Dirty Dancing / Baby & Johnny:  Eliza Dushku:  Elizabeth Olsen:  Elle Fanning:  Emilia Clarke:  Emma Watson:  Erica Durance:  Fifty Shades of Grey:  Fifty Shades Trilogy:  Final Destination:  Footloose:  Footloose (2011):  Friday the 13th (2009):  Frozen:  Gerard Butler:  Ghostbusters (2016):  Gilmore Girls:  Gilmore Girls / Rory:  Glee / Beiste:  Glee / Kitty:  Glee / Kurt & Blaine:  Glee / Puck:  Glee / Rachel:  Glee / Sue:  Gossip Girl / Dan:  Gossip Girl / Jenny:  Gossip Girl / Nate:  Gossip Girl / Nate & Blair:  Gossip Girl / Serena:  Gossip Girl / Serena & Blair:  Grease:  Grease 2:  Gremlins:  Guardians of the galaxy vol. 2:  Harry Potter / Harry:  Harry Potter series:  Heath Ledger:  Henry Cavill:  Ian Somerhalder:  Imogen Poots:  Ioan Gruffudd:  James McAvoy:  Jamie Dornan:  Jared Leto:  Jared Leto:  Jason David Frank:  Jason Isaacs:  Jason Statham:  Jennifer Aniston:  Jennifer Lawrence:  Jensen Ackles:  Jim Carrey:  John Lennon:  Kate Hudson:  Kate McKinnon:  Kelly Clarkson:  Kick-Ass:  Kick-Ass 2:  Kristen Bell:  Kristin Kreuk:  Lady Gaga:  Lea Michele:  Legally Blonde:  Liam Hemsworth:  Love, Simon:  Lucy Hale:  Mae Whitman:  Magic Mike:  Matt Bomer:  Mean Girls:  Michael Fassbender:  Mila Kunis:  Millenium series / Lisbeth Salander:  Moulin Rouge:  My Girl:  My Girl 2:  Nightmare on elm street series:  Nina Dobrev:  Now and then:  Once / All Characters:  Once / Belle:  Once / Prince Charming:  Once / Regina:  Once / Robin Hood:  Once Upon a Time:  OTH / Lucas:  OTH / Nathan:  Panic! At the Disco:  Paul Walker:  Penn Badgley:  Peter Pan:  Pink:  Pitch Perfect:  Pitch Perfect 2:  PLL / Spencer & Toby:  Power Rangers:  Power Rangers (2017):  Power Rangers / Cassie:  Power Rangers / Kimberly:  Power Rangers / Tommy:  Power Rangers Mighty Morphin:  Pretty Little Liars / Hanna:  Pretty Little Liars / Spencer:  Pretty Woman:  Queen of the Damned:  Queen of the damned:  Rachel McAdams:  Reese Witherspoon:  Ringer / Bridget:  Riverdale:  Robert Downey Jr:  Robert Pattinson:  Roswell:  Roswell / Max:  Sandra Bullock:  Sarah Michelle Gellar:  SaTC / Carrie:  Scream:  Selena Gomez:  Selena Gomez:  Sex and the City:  Shailene Woodley:  Skins:  Smallville / Chloe Sullivan:  Smallville / Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan:  Smallville / Lois:  Suicide Squad:  Supernatural:  Supernatural / Castiel:  Supernatural / Dean:  Supernatural / Winchesters:  t.A.T.u / 200km/h in the wrong lane:  Taylor Swift:  Teen Wolf:  Teen Wolf / Lydia:  Teen Wolf / Stiles:  That '70s Show:  The Amazing Spider-Man:  The Avengers:  The Breakfast Club:  The Craft:  The Fault in Our Stars:  The Goonies:  The Originals:  The Originals / Elijah:  The Originals / Klaus:  The Ring:  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre series:  The Ugly Truth:  The Walking Dead:  Thor:  Timothée Chalamet:  Tokio Hotel:  Tom Hardy:  Tom Hiddleston:  Tom Kaulitz:  Tom Welling:  TVD / Alaric:  TVD / Bonnie:  TVD / Caroline Forbes:  TVD / Damon:  TVD / Damon & Elena:  TVD / Elena:  TVD / Klaus & Caroline:  TVD / Matt:  TVD / Stefan & Caroline:  TWD / Daryl:  TWD / Glenn:  TWD / Michonne:  TWD / Rick:  Twilight:  Usagi:  Veronica Mars:  Veronica Mars / Logan:  Within Temptation:  Wonder Woman:  Wrong Turn Series:  X-Men series:  X-Men: Days of future past:  You Again:  Zooey Deschanel:

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